2011 Graphics of the Americas: Exciting new media technology in Orlando, Florida

Florida bound GAIT majors stop for a visit at PICA. Seated left-to-right are Laura Steckey, Christine Chen, Bekkah Weitzen, Megan Bolick, Kat Tamburello, and Pete Hallier. Standing left-to-right are Mr. Thomas Reeves, Alicia Blackburn, Taylor Coggins, Sarah Cole, John Krauchek, Emmett Baroncianni, Jeff Sandlin, Chris Beasley, Madeline Loy, Jon Doble, Alyssa Medford, Brandon Carini, Adam Caudle, and Mr. Jeff Stoudt, President of PICA.
Monday, November 5, 2012 - 2:10pm

Nineteen GAIT majors and two faculty attend Graphics of the Americas Conference and Seminars, February 24—26 in Orlando, Florida. The trip was supplemented from the GAIT Golf Tournament. On the way to the conference, the students and faculty stopped for a visit with Jeff Stoudt, President of the Printing Industries of the Carolinas. He presented the travelers with complementary seminar passes, donated by the Printing Industries of Florida. The passes are valued at $65 each or $1300 for twenty-two seminars. 

Some of the students attended seminars on color management for digital printing and G7 or GraCol standards. Additionally, students and faculty visited many booths featuring wid-format and related printing technologies. Many samples were collected including vibrant color posters. 

Alyssa Medford commented on attending her first print graphics trade show, “A good variety of stuff to see, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know were out there—for instance, accessories for printing equipment, it was an opportunity to see improvements in the technology of print. I had a preference for screen printing. Seminar #54 Graphics Secrets for Creative Pros, was very informative and helpful in getting the most out of prepress tools such as Illustrator and InDesign.”

One of the many events at the Graphics of the Americas was the car wrap competition. Companies that specialize in car wraps competed on site for prizes in speed and accuracy.

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