Graduate Assistantship: An Interview with Jessica M. Fox

Jessica Fox served as a graduate assistant in the Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology Program.
Monday, November 5, 2012 - 2:07pm

Jessica Fox served as a graduate assistant in the Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology Program. She completed her Masters degree program during spring 2011 and is presently working as a packaging engineer for Rubermaid in Florida. During her time as a graduate student, she taught GRA 2102 Electronic Prepress and a special topics packaging course. 

Q:  You are teaching this semester. How is that possible if you have not yet completed your program?  

A:  After you have completed a certain number of hours graduate students can teach undergraduate level classes. I am teaching two classes for my graduate assistantship. 

Q:  What kind of credit do you get for that and which classes are you teaching?

A: The assistantship is a paid position. In addition I complete my normal graduate coursework. I’m teaching Introduction to Flexography and Corrugated and Paperboard Packaging.

Q:  Tell me about the corrugated class. That is new is it not?

A: It’s technically a special topics course that will be covering structural and graphic design for packaging. The course will also cover packaging materials and production methods.

Q:  Were you more so excited to teach this new course because of the special interest that applies to your concentration?

A: Yes, because it is a topic that I am very knowledgeable about and it gives me the opportunity to teach students about the ArtiosCAD software and how to use the sample table (Donated by the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation).

Q:  You had an internship over the summer. How was that experience and do you think it helped to prepare you for teaching?

A:  I worked at Harris Packaging Corporation/American Carton Company. The opportunity gave me experience in packaging design and problem solving which I feel will be beneficial for teaching the course.

Q:  How did you choose your course of study and what are your goals?

A: The main reason is because I had an internship at Disney in their consumables product development. I decided to be involved in the packaging industry because it allows me to be involved in technology and creative projects. My goal is to work in product development.

Q:  Finally, I would like to ask you what words of advise you might have for someone with similar aspirations?

A:  I would say, definitely do internships! Do as many as you can, because that gives you a lot of different experiences.

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